Saturday, 13 September 2008


it won't be long till I can actually reach the handle and get out on my owm anyway. I try so hard. It is so tough being eleven months old....I wish you understood!

love, jason

pps. i am a dare devil, and i don't think silly old rain will keep me out of trouble anyway. so, there. nanner- nanner boo, boo.
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Richardsons Randoms said...

You are soon to be experiencing the great escapist... Where the heck is Jason? He was just here, now he's not... Thank goodness for child safety locks... you know the little hook and eye closures you put up real, real high... jk...but seriously tho'... those are some seriously cute legs.

Jan said...

Holy cow, he is growing up!! Watch out, he's on his way!

Misty said...

Oh that boy! I could just squeeze and squeeze. Gid was havin' the same frustrations so when it stopped raining (mostly) for a bit on Saturday we let him play in the muddy, mushy mess that was our back yard. He loved it... but oh man WHAT A MESS!

Phogles said...

oh, baby! you're going to have a run for your money! And those door handles are the easy, kid-friendly kind, that they can open younger and younger...have fun!