Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home....

This is what happens most days when Seth gets home from work. Jason waits by the door for him. Yesterday, I thought I should get a picture to show you just how sweet it is. Seth pretty much LOVES it....and can't wait to get inside to give that boy a kiss!! It was kind of funny yesterday though, because when Seth got home he was on the phone, and didn't come in as fast as normal....the pic in the middle shows Jason's frustration....he was like, MOM...why isn't he in here yet!!
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Maybe I have a problem...

with shopping, that is. Etsy got me again!! I picked up this little cutie for my kitchen! I love it. I like the reminder, and hope my kids will 'get' it someday! :)
This little company has such great things for sale. They have a card set I am pretty sure Nat Cottam would love, and lots of other bright, fun artwork!! Go have a really is way addictive!!
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I won something!!!

I was so excited to win something! (believe me I am NOT a winner of contests, so when I got the email that i had won I was literally jumping up and down!!) It is an adorable envirosax bag. I love the color and the is perfect, really!! I am seriously considering it as an everyday bag...
Thanks so much Kim. It is awesome!
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I love that place.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I love ETSY!!!

I have gone a little Etsy crazy this past week, and I couldn't be happier!! I purchased these little sweeties from HomeStudio, via Jan's blog!! (Jan and Natalie always have the inside scoop on what is cute out there....I totally trust them!!) Anyway, I love, love these little pendants. They are perfect and will go with anything. I thought about giving some as gifts but I like these so much I have to keep them for myself!! :) I will be purchasing more, for sure!! SO. GO. SHOP. And blog about it, already!!
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Sunday, 22 June 2008

ALL BOY.....

Jason LOVES to be outside....and this is his choice for seating while we play baseball. He is so fun to watch...he finds joy in just about everything (except poopy diapers and teething) How did we get so lucky!?!?
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baseball this summer....

The other night Gramma and Grampa stopped by to play a little baseball....My kids are absolutely loving playing this year. WE have been playing a lot of catch and pickle. I am so glad my kids have such wonderful Grandparents (on BOTH sides.) Life is good!
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For all you Annie fans out there....

She now has her own blog!! Yes it is true! What is wrong with me this weekend?!?!!? I have caved on almost everything I stand firm on.....(you know, just the animal and blog thing) but you get the idea!

She is really excited, so you may have to stop by and give her some love!

Now I have Jared and Katie are begging me to let them have their own blogs. I am pretty sure the only reason is so they can spend as much time on the computer as I do......hahahha, like that's gonna happen!!!

Have a great weekend! Hope you have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

the newest members of our family...

2 kittens.....yes, today I finally caved and allowed my kids to have a pet....make that pets. they are very cute and the kids adore them. I am NOT the animal loving Mom, every kids dreams of, but I felt guilty because our Dog Lucky has disappeared, and I'd rather have mouse-catching Kitties than chew on everything puppies. Yes, they will be OUTSIDE only, and NO I probably won't ever touch them and YES the kids will love them to pieces. I figure it will keep them very occupied the rest of summer!! (they just better find a pooping spot AWAY from my house....and stay out of the garage.) Oh, and Seth....he likes animals. unlike his very human (only)-loving wife. :)
I almost forgot to tell you their names.....Peaches and Tiger....guess who is who!! :)

* sorry to disappoint all you animal lovers out is just how I am and always will be, I'm afraid.*
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The little Rascal!!!

Jason is pretty much everywhere these days!! This was at 7am this morning....I was checking my email, when I heard a LOT of crackling and laughing. No doubt it was Jason.....his new favorite thing is to stand at the cabinets and barely open them and slam them shut. He finds that very exciting!! I guess he's moved on to 'opening boxes, dumping the contents and eating what he can till Mom removes him to clean up the mess'!! Man,I love this Boy!!
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what do you do......

when you see a three year old sportin' the biggest mullet ever!??! I tried hard NOT to stare. But it was difficult. Really difficult. Just so you know....his Mom had an even bigger ONE!!! (like down to her rear end, long) I am NOT even kidding!! You never know what you are going to find at our local pool. But I can pretty much guarantee some crazy hairdo's, and your run of the mill 'way too fat for that bikini' people!
Enter at your own risk. really.

*no children were hurt in this picture taking extravaganza. the two mullet sportin' folk were actually very nice. i am obviously the one with the problem here.
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An evening at the Pool....

Seth had to work late last night, so I decided it would be fun to take the kids swimming. Jason love, loved it! They have this great baby area and in his floaty he was able to touch the bottom of the pool. So he walked around everywhere just having a blast. He thought he was one of the 'big kids'!!
Ella 'swam' know the whole crawl on the bottom of the pool with your arms, kind of swimming. But she kept telling everyone that she was racing them, and beating them. It was a little ridiculous, but she had a blast! :)
Jared and Katie loved being able to go to the 'big' pool and swim. They had fun going up and down the slide, too!
Annie was a lucky girl because a friend of hers from school was there, so they got to hang out and have fun. It was actually a really good time. Pretty much stress less, and kind of weird for me, because I remember not to long ago that I had all of my kids in the baby pool....and they were young enough to be there. Those days are long gone now, but this is a fun stage too!! :) I am pretty sure we will be making frequent visits to the pool this year!
Next on the list is swimming lessons.....those start the first week of July!! YEAH!
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Friday, 20 June 2008

Somebody wants to be like her Dad...

Obviously, Seth doesn't wear anything but Bart's Electric shirts....(well, except for church clothes on Sundays!!) Katie made this picture at school and it totally cracked me up. I love that she wants to be like her Dad. How cute is that!? Oh, and don't you love, Katie GalDraith?!!? CUTE!
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Thursday, 19 June 2008

just a couple more.....

of Ashelyn and her visitors......look at that Gramma. Can you believe she has so many Grandkids {16} Wowzers! It was great to visit with Megan and JD, too! Baby Ashelyn, we are glad you are here!! We love you!
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Sweet baby....

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A new baby to love....

Ashelyn Ann Doan was born today. Misty and baby are doing great. Congratulations Jake, Misty and Gideon. We love you guys.
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