Saturday, 21 June 2008

An evening at the Pool....

Seth had to work late last night, so I decided it would be fun to take the kids swimming. Jason love, loved it! They have this great baby area and in his floaty he was able to touch the bottom of the pool. So he walked around everywhere just having a blast. He thought he was one of the 'big kids'!!
Ella 'swam' know the whole crawl on the bottom of the pool with your arms, kind of swimming. But she kept telling everyone that she was racing them, and beating them. It was a little ridiculous, but she had a blast! :)
Jared and Katie loved being able to go to the 'big' pool and swim. They had fun going up and down the slide, too!
Annie was a lucky girl because a friend of hers from school was there, so they got to hang out and have fun. It was actually a really good time. Pretty much stress less, and kind of weird for me, because I remember not to long ago that I had all of my kids in the baby pool....and they were young enough to be there. Those days are long gone now, but this is a fun stage too!! :) I am pretty sure we will be making frequent visits to the pool this year!
Next on the list is swimming lessons.....those start the first week of July!! YEAH!
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Phogles said...

you must have been at the pool in Cameron, because the one in Hamilton isn't nearly that cool. I love taking my kids to the pool. Where we are, Monday night is "Buck Night", so the kids are always begging in the summer to go swimming for FHE.

Natalie said...

that looks like a lot of fun...where was I????

Jan said...

Fun times! You're a good mama -- love Ella's 'swimming'. Cute.

Jen M said...

You're lucky to have a nice pool like that! I can remember fun times swimming in King City!