Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Happy Birthday Seth!!


Just a quick little happy Birthday to the man of my dreams...who makes my dreams come true, who is the best Dad, the hardest worker and the most patient guy I know!! I love you Seth! ...Man your getting old...
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Thursday, 23 August 2007

I just love my Girl...


Okay, so here is Annie's "self portrait" she had to make for a homework assignment! What a cute girl! I just love to see what they think of themselves...and who they really are! I am so proud of her.*gush*
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Let's just strap me in a straight jacket now...before it's too late!!


Yes, I am insane! I am totally freaked out by snakes! I get almost panic attack like symptoms. So , I am sitting in the dining room, look out the window and see this HUGE snake. It totally freaks me out, and I am in the house. I start worrying about what if the kids were out there, blah blah blah....So I take a picture from in the house...trying to get closer with out actually going outside...not close enough. I consider getting in the car and running it over, but decide not to because then the snake might jump up in the engine and come through the floor boards and eat me....See? I am a weirdo!!! Anyway, the snake was staying put, for WAY too long...and guess what!??! It turns out to be a PIECE OF WOOD!!! Ya, I am a retardo!! Whatever, I am just working out..I figure I have to get my heart rate up sometimes! Ummm, and I sent Annie out there to see what it was. I am a bad Mom, huh!??! Tell me that doesn't look like snake!?
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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Mother load of Cabbage...

Annie is harvesting the cabbage she got at the end of her 3rd grade year, in May. She has a chance at a scholarship, so we thought why not. We have enjoyed watching this ENORMOUS cabbage grow. It weighs 21.5 lbs! She is very excited about it. All in all a good learning experience, and gives her motivation to keep trying things! Good job Annie! On a side note...we are just glad it grew so well because we have been SO dry out here this year! The bugs did go a little crazy on the outer leaves as well...:)
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Kindergarten Katie!

Here is what Katie made at school today! She is a (much cuter, I think) Clifforg the Big Red Dog! She is very proud of her "skills" on her first day!! I love Kindergarten!
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On request!


The kids were looking at the stuff I blogged of them today and they wanted to be sure I put up a picture of their awesome backpacks!! I think it is pretty funny how they each show their different personality so well!! It makes me laugh!! I just love kids with an opinion...most of the time:)
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Annie's first day of 4th grade!




Annie's first day in her own words.."I have homework my first day!!It's pretty fun. We have P.E. early, I like that. I really like my teacher, Mrs.Jackson. She's nice. We have a BIG math book!! It isn't as hard as I thought!!"
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Jared's First day of 1st grade!



In Jared's words..." You know, I like something, it's recess! My teacher is good. I played with Malachi and Will. I learned about matching games. First we colored it, then cut it out. WE played bingo-I almost had a bingo. I only needed a tiger. I like school." By the way..the first picture of Jared he is showing his amazing karate skills...just so you know!
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Katie's first day!




About Katie's first day...In her own words.
"Kindergarten was so much fun. I had a great time. I have new friends. I loved it. I played on the swings with Elisha. At first I was nervous and cried, then I take a deep breath and had fun."
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Back To School!!





Today is the first day of school! Annie was the first up, and got showered. Katie was very proud of herself, she said "Mom I heard the bell, and I got out of bed to turn it off." (by bell she meant alarm!) Seth set her alarm for her last night and she was worried she wouldn't wake up to hear it! Jared of course was excited because he FINALLY was able to wear his new Transformer shoes, and his "karate" shirt! When the bus got here, Ella just laid on the grass and cried! She did not want her "friends" to go with out her! I almost cried, just watching her! We called Seth and he said she will be really happy when we have the baby....I am sure he is right about that!! I hope the kids have a good first day!! I miss them already!
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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The sunrise...sort of

This was the way the sky looked when I got up to find Ella and Katie outside. I just thought you might want to see. I suppose that was my bonus!:)
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Check this out...

It is 6:45 am and I am awakened by the sound of the door. I get up and look out the window and see Ella and Katie just riding their bikes down the driveway. It cracks me up that they are so independent. They were just having a good old time....I guess it is better to play early before it gets so hot! This is the second week of 100 degree weather we have had in our area. WE just need some of the rain Texas has been getting!
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Friday, 10 August 2007

Just so you know...

Seth will totally disagree with my choice of bedding. I am sure he will think our baby will need something with a little more motorcycle, a lot less brown, and a bunch more racing. hahahah! I guess we can compromise!

Do I need this or what?

Is this not the cutest bedding you've seen? I saw this on Kristi's blog, and fell in love! (Kristi is a chick I have been stalking) Don't you think my sweet new baby needs this? All right, I will work with Seth tonight on the "golden egg" theory I talked about earlier! ha, ha ,ha! I really think I'd make an excellent egg laying doula!:) Seriously!

If I won the lottery...

Last night I went to a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Cindy Marie. She is having her fourth boy, and due in October. Anyway, it was so fun to see all the cute little boy stuff, it made me want to go out and go shopping for everything "boy" that I want. Which brings me to wanting to win the lottery! Seth is always telling the kids they can have (whatever it is they are asking for) when we win the lottery...except for the fact that we don't play the lottery it always makes them happy thinking that they really might get it someday! So I am thinking logically, it would be more likely for Seth to actually lay a golden egg, then win the lottery. Yes, I am having visuals of me coaching him...'breathe, honey...okay now it's gonna be a big one...' I would be so proud of him too!
So, anyway...I really just want to say that I am really READY for a baby.....and all the baby stuff...and I wish we did win the lottery so I could go get all the stuff I want!! Whaa whaa whoa, I know....but it doesn't change the fact that I still WANT! EVERYTHING.....
Ya, I am in love with the baby all ready...I can't wait to see him and kiss him and cuddle with him!! They are so sweet and precious....I know I don't have that long to wait, and I still have adoption "things" we have to finish, but I really am excited.. Sorry about my random ramblings and thanks for putting up with me...:) I really only have like 6-8 weeks left!! HUrray!!!
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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Rain in the forecast!

Ella could care less about the weather, she is ALWAYS in a bathing suit! Today is different though, it is raining so she thought she'd pair her suit with a lovely hat! Divine! Isn't she a beauty! Don't you wish you had as much confidence as these little people, who think and KNOW they are the cutting edge of fashion...and care less what anyone else thinks! I love kids!! They ROCK! GO Ella, work it Girl!!
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Happy Birhtday Alan!!



Today is my little brother's birthday!! He is a counselor at EFY right now, so we don't get to have a party, YET! And boy do we love to have parties around here! Here are a few pictures of Alan opening the last present I got will all be jealous to now that he got a Lance Bass bobblehead. A collector's edition! ( The box represents the "closet"!) I know, I know, I shouldn't go all out like that for a brother. Don't worry though, we pretty much keep up with each other! So AL, here's to you...HAPPY BIRTHDAY little guy!! I love you! And I still am looking for that perfect gift....hmmm, there is a lot of Brittany Spears merchandise on clearance right now!:0 Better hit the mall!:)
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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Jared lost another tooth!!

Just look at this Boy!! He lost his second tooth! Now all he needs is his two front teeth! Honestly though, I am scared to death of the awkward BIG tooth stage this means we are entering!! Will my cute boy soon be one of those big toothed adolescents?? ...can a Mom even say that?? I know, I know....he is adorable and will always be!! But I am not gonna lie....I don't look forward to the weird stages our poor children have to endure. :) hee hee hee!
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