Monday, 30 March 2009

My very first....

ever, ever, ever quilt top. I am making this for Katie. It is called a disappearing nine patch and if you ever thought about making a quilt and you were just to scared.....This my friends, is the quilt for you!! It looks like so much more work than it is! I am so exited to have done this.....I need to double the size of it, and am having a hard time talking myself into starting that....but I love it. I love the fabric and the design....I can't wait to finish it with the borders I have planned and show it to you done!! Yeah for learning new things!! (you all know that I am in NO way a quilter.....never wanted to be. but I admit it now that I do enjoy it.....It really is fun to learn something new. but please, don't spread it around. I talked a lot of crap on those "other" people that sew!) Hahahahah! *hanging my head in shame*
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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The last big snow...

Seriously....snow in April!! No way, I didn't believe the had been in the 70's earlier in the week. There was NO way it would really snow!!

Yup, it did. And the kids had one last snowman making day in it! Gotta love the Missouri weather!
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Sunday, 15 March 2009

This That and the other.....

The blog This that and the other is having an awesome giveaway! I am NOT gonna lie. I was totally tempted NOT to tell you.....BUT I had to. I couldn't resist. I already made a fool out of myself by writing a poem that was supposed to rhyme. (you know how great I am at those!)

Good luck guys. Sure go ahead. Go enter and make it harder for me to win! It's cool. I'll be sure to get you back next giveaway!!

Did I mention that her blog is awesome? That she is giving away a table runner that is ADORABLE?!?!?! Oh and she's the girl I was telling you about that is doing the Grandmas flower Garden from different States and Countries! Yeah, she is a pretty cool Lady! :)

So, go check it out!