Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Scoop....

Forget the hostess connection deal. Nobody even needs that password anymore.

Just go to:

Click on "Our Jewelry"

Click on the Spring/summer 2008 catalog.

There will be a link on the top right corner of the catalog that says "How to Purchase"

Then they can enter your first and last name and go from there. (Sarah Galbraith)

So if you are still interested in ordering, here is the latest! Thank you. Just so you know, the most expensive piece you buy is always going to be your half price items.... Have fun!
And sorry about the hassle!! :)

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Come know you want to!

I am hosting a Lia Sophia Jewelry party here on Thursday night. You all are invited, of course. But....since most of you are far away I want you to know you can order on line.
Just go to click on hostess connection and my password is: Z67SJ
Seriously...Go check it out!! Especially if you have a wedding to attend, and you need something to match your pretty dress!! (hint, hint!)
There are some great guest specials.....If you buy two things you get two half off. And you can buy an additional 3 pairs of earrings for half price!!
All right, I am done with my attempt to have you all buy something in my pursuit for free jewelry!! :)

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Saturday, 23 February 2008

The last game of the season....

Annie had her last game this morning! They WON! 12-2 They only lost one game the whole season, the first one! So we are on our way to the tournament!! Woo hoo! The girls really are pretty good, and very aggressive! It has been really fun to watch them learn and get better....and work together as a team! Here is the team shot I got and the end of the game, giving each other a high five! Good Game!
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Thursday, 21 February 2008

snow and ice.....

this set of pictures were from our last snow day....i forgot to blog about this. the snow was so deep ella was totally stuck. we are getting more of the same today.....i am just hoping that we don't have a snow day tomorrow. because, since seth is out of town i have some projects up my sleeve.....and having the kids home from school might slow me down a bit. (i know, selfish, bad mom...) :)
i am actually quite excited. i am going to paint my laundry room and kids bathroom!! i got some crazy colors, so maybe i will post pictures if it doesn't look to awful!:)
well i seriously hope where you are you are warm.....i'm not, and i figure someone may as well be!!:)
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Mom, this ones for you!!

Here is a picture of my Dad and Katie.... I just thought Mom would want to see, Dad is safe and sound....eating chocolate cake. (well, except for his looks awful) But he is still smiling!! :)
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the rest of the week...

Seth left early this morning for his annual ski trip, to Copper Mountain. He loves, loves it....and gets excited as a little boy. I am a bit worried because were are getting sleet and freezing rain this morning and it is worse in the direction they are driving. But I refuse to show my age by actually calling and checking up, and making sure they are being careful, driving slow....catch my drift!? Anyway, I hope he has an awesome time with NO injuries, and gets home safely. It will be a long weekend without him. (basketball game on + five kids + alone = not much fun for sarah) Oh and then there is church....that'll be fun!! :) Have a great thursday!

oh, and this picture i got of jason and dad catching some zzzz's together. they are just perfect for each other.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

6 years old....

We had a small family party for Katie on Monday night due to other things going on tonight......She is such a sweet, bright little girl. Katie we are so happy you are a part of our family. I remember the day you were born so were such a beautiful baby. And you have brought us joy ever since. Happy Birthday.
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Mr. Jason

He wants to crawl so bad....and eat...and walk.... He is so stinkin' cute, he just wants to be one of the big kids. He watches each one of them with such intense eyes, and smiles so big. Slow it down Jason.....I want you to stay a baby longer. We just can't get enough of you!
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then there was some more....

of this. Yup, they had to cancel church....again. Now they are calling for some more tomorrow....don't worry though, the high today is going to be around 16 degrees. We will be fine! Not sure if we will ever see the grass again....
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uuhh, yes I did....

Seth and the girls went dancing and I got to go to Reba and Kelly with Misty! I wasn't too sure I would 'love' this concert, but it turned out to be fabulous! They both were amazing at backing each other up, and their voices really blended well together. I am a sucker for a concert......and Kelly really has an amazing voice, even live! Thank you Brent for these awesome tickets!
One last thing......I totally got hit on by a lesbian couple.....NOT kidding. They gave me their number, and invited us to their Christmas party. (ok, it's February ladies) I am a little depressed to realize the older and more overweight you get, that I can only attract other woman......dang. Ouch. I would love to be all giddy and say I still 'had it', but you know I'd be lying! :)
All in all I had a great time with my sis-in -law!! Now I can't wait for either BonJovi or Kieth Urban......doesn't that sound like fun! Who wants to go with me!?!?!? oooh, or Matchbox 20.....

pic by Misty....

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Where do I even start!?!?

I have a list at least a mile long with all the things I have been I figured I might as well start with some fun stuff. On Saturday night our elemenatry school had their annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Katelyn was so excited, because it was her first, and Annie was sad because it was her last. Doesn't time fly? I am so glad they were able to go together, at least one year!
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Monday, 18 February 2008

yet again...

another busy day, another busy week. i am hoping i will have some time to update you all, maybe tomorrow. :) have a great monday, and go do something exciting!!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

the day of love.....

Happy Valentines day everyone. I have been really busy this week. More details later. I hope you have a day filled with gushy mushy love! Later.
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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Thought for the day......


Not sure why, but this really made me laugh today. I hope you can find humor in something today too!
Go get your vote on. I did.

*sigh* You have got to be kidding!!!? NO?

SO......the weatherman this morning.turning to snow late this afternoon. overnight snow accumulation of 5-6 inches. WINTER is NOT my friend. anymore!! ever. I am moving to Hawaii.

So if it is sunny and beautiful where you are......I don't want to hear a thing about it. got it. good.
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I got the call last night! I am so excited for you Jessica!! (oh, and Tommy too!) We have another reason to go back to California.....the date is March 28, 2008! (i really like the date too) The temple is Oakland.
I can NOT believe my little cousins (and brothers for that matter) are even old enough to be married!! So seriously Jess, I love you and I am so happy you are happy. I can't wait to meet your hunk of burning love in March!!
Golly, you don't have much time so get to planning......and I DO feel sorry for Melissa and Jason. TWO weddings within four months....OUCH! *wink* Good luck Guys! It only gets better from here!
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Monday, 4 February 2008


Check out this handsome little guy! He has successfully rolled over on his own. Ya, we know he is pretty much the most amazing baby ever. Well, and the cutest. But anyway, I am very proud of this accomplishment. I can NOT believe how fast the time is going and how big he has gotten! What a Guy!
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