Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Come on....you know you want to!

I am hosting a Lia Sophia Jewelry party here on Thursday night. You all are invited, of course. But....since most of you are far away I want you to know you can order on line.
Just go to www.liasophia.com/michellerayjewelry click on hostess connection and my password is: Z67SJ
Seriously...Go check it out!! Especially if you have a wedding to attend, and you need something to match your pretty dress!! (hint, hint!)
There are some great guest specials.....If you buy two things you get two half off. And you can buy an additional 3 pairs of earrings for half price!!
All right, I am done with my attempt to have you all buy something in my pursuit for free jewelry!! :)

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Jen M said...

I love Lia Sophia! I'm wearing LS earrings & a bracelet right now. Matt's cousin just quit selling, so this could be a good opportunity for me to get something new! You'll enjoy hosting...they usually have great hostess deals.

Jen M said...

I shared your post with Mom (she just had to cancel a party and wanted some things.) She already tried to get on and order, but we're wondering if this site & the password are for your use only? We went to "hostess connection" and entered your password. But, it seems like it's for your use only. I think I added something to your wish list by accident.

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Jen, the paper work I have says to just go on the site and click on the hostess connections, enter the password and then it will be credited to my party! It should work...I hope! Good luck. and thanks!!

Susan Petersen said...

From your picture, I thought that you would say that we get to pinch those tempting cheeks. Those cheeks are so cute.

Amy said...

Oh Fruma! He is the cutest little guy! Can't wait to meet him...and squeeze those cheeks! (his not yours!!)

Richardson's Randoms said...

I'm with the last two posts... He so looked like he was saying, "Oh you know you want to... give in to me, love me, kiss me... you pretty much can keep going forever. I will order something for sure, not sure if I'll make it... gotta go see my little sis in the unmentionable place.
Lovin' ya,