Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!!

This is round one of our Halloween...Ella, Jason and I dressed up and went to see the kids costume parade. It is so fun to see the kids all dressed up. The whole school dresses up and walks down Main st. in Hamilton, and all the little buisnesses hand out candy to the kids! Fun, fun.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Our Handsome little Guy!!

So I can hardly believe that four weeks ago today, we got the call we had been waiting for....Jason's Mama was on her way to the Hospital. Yea! We were so excited and busy trying to get the house cleaned, the flights, the kids ready, us packed....Nothing could really prepare us for the emotions we were about to feel. Everyday we are thankful for the blessing we call Jason, in our life. He has become such a huge part of us. I've had people ask us if the kids have had a hard time adjusting..and the great part is that they haven't! It is like He has always been with us!
Jason had a doctor appointment on Thursday...He weighs in at 8lbs 9oz. and is now 21inches long. He is healthy as can be....and still a sweet mellow baby!
Did I mention we are madly in love with Him!??!!?
And doesn't he look dashing in his Sunday suit!?? We just can't get enough of him! We love you, Buddy...happy four weeks!

Ella loves Dora....

Ella is in-love with Dora....STILL! I got her this dress last year, on an end of year clearance. She could not even walk...she pranced around ALL over church. The best part was that I actually let her wear those red sparkly shoes, too!! Lucky day. Lucky Girl!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Here is a picture of Jason...he is now 3 and a half weeks old! He is just darling, and we love him SO much! I can hardly remember how life was before we had Him!
Isn't it just amazing how that happens!!

Always room for more....

I just wanted to say having five pairs of little feet, is amazing and exhausting! I just love these little kiddies!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Our weekend...

Well, it is starting to get colder out here, so on Saturday Seth decided he really needed to get some wood cut for the winter....Which meant I was taking ALL 5 kids by myself to Jared's last football game! Me. Nervous? Why should I be, our baby is already just shy of three weeks old! ahahhahah! I was a tad bit worried, but all was fine, except for Ella eating a handful of sand...eww,I know, but what do you do!?!? Anyway, Jared made two touchdowns again and was VERY proud of himself, and is very sad it was his last game!
I have rigged Seth's computer up, so I will be blogging more often again. I will not really know anything about the computer until Christmas when my brother Alan, who knows ALL about computer's comes home from school and rescues me!
Hmm, now I look forward to Christmas like none other! hehehe!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Darn diggity...

So on Saturday, we had a rainy thunder storm...and to make a long story short my DSL modem blew up! I am not kidding, there was serious flames shooting out of it. It actually left burn marks on my printer! And now my computer won't turn on, so I am bumming out BIG time!! I am having serious computer withdrawals. So until we find out what is wrong with the computer I won't be blogging much...I am at my Mom's house now. I am also bummed because I was planning on doing baby Jason's birth announcements and now I don't have photoshop. AAAAAAAHHHHAH!! Ya, I feel like screaming!

Saturday, 13 October 2007




Lauren was so funny with Jason she just loved to hold him.....AND she was Jealous of him, too!! Hahhaah! She would tease that her Mom (Melissa) liked Jason more than her, and she'd get all whiny...It was pretty funny! She is a dang cute Girl!
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My beautiful Baby, and I


It's true!! I am in love with our new Baby! Jason is amazing, and sweet. He has already brought so much joy into our home and lives, and we've only had him 11 whole days!
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Big Basin, Santa Cruz CA

We drove out to Big Basin to show Seth the amazing redwoods. It was a wonderful day. It was pretty fun for me, it brought back a lot of memories of growing up out there! I loved the smell of the Forrest. It is so clean, and I had forgotten that. I also loved the fresh crisp air....the whole place was just beautiful. Everyone we ran into that saw the baby were all amazed that I would be out with a newborn walking and hiking around!:) We all got a kick out of that!! My Aunt Melissa is holding Jason with Lindsey sitting by her, and the other picture is of my Cousin Jessica with Jason. They all just loved him, and were so helpful while we were there! We really did have a blast!
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Sea Lions like crazy!!

While we were in Monterey we saw a TON of Sea Lions and Jelly fish! It was crazy. I had to snap a few pictures of these guys to show the kids. They were pretty impressed!!
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Spirit Week!

This week was our homecoming week so the kids got to dress up with/as various things...But friday is the BIG day where we show our Hamilton Hornet pride. SO we sprayed the kids hair blue, and they thought they were the coolest ever. Then after school we of course had to go to the Homecoming Parade!! I think it is pretty funny the kinds of things you will see in our local parade...Here is just a sample. Go Hornets!
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Our last day in California...




Okay, so I am going to be blogging a little backwards. While in California I used Seth's lap top, so I haven't had time to transfer pictures from there to here...and this is what I have on my computer. SO here goes. This was the last day, the weather was really nice. A little windy, but comfortable. We were all so tired we just went to the beach, out to lunch, a quick run to Macy's to buy the baby an outfit, and the rest of the day we just hung out! It was really a nice trip. Baby Jason has been the only one of my children, besides Annie to see the beach!! Lucky Boy!
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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Whatta ya do?

Here are a few more pictures I took of Jason this morning. I have had trouble getting the interenet and computer and camera to all work together. I think I may have it all figured out.:) SO, I guess that means I am back, so to speak!!
Today we pretty much hung out at home. (at My Aunt Melissa's) Seth worked on a little electrical stuff, which he enjoyed. Then we went to lunch at Phil's Fish Market, at Moss Landing. We walked out to see the ocean, but it was WAY windy. I haven't ever seen the water so crazy...and I got a little sand in my eyes! FUN!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sweet Baby Jason

Here is the first picture of Jason Alan Galbraith.
Born,September 30,2007 5:35pm
7lbs 1 oz 20 inches long
Completely perfect and as beautiful as can be. He is a mellow, sweet baby and we are just in love with him. What a precious gift we have been given. Words aren't enough to express our feelings....I am just in awe at the sight of him. My heart is full.
Annie, Jared, Katie and is a picture of your new baby brother. I love you guys,and can't wait to get home so you can see him. ~Mom