Monday, 22 October 2007

Our weekend...

Well, it is starting to get colder out here, so on Saturday Seth decided he really needed to get some wood cut for the winter....Which meant I was taking ALL 5 kids by myself to Jared's last football game! Me. Nervous? Why should I be, our baby is already just shy of three weeks old! ahahhahah! I was a tad bit worried, but all was fine, except for Ella eating a handful of sand...eww,I know, but what do you do!?!? Anyway, Jared made two touchdowns again and was VERY proud of himself, and is very sad it was his last game!
I have rigged Seth's computer up, so I will be blogging more often again. I will not really know anything about the computer until Christmas when my brother Alan, who knows ALL about computer's comes home from school and rescues me!
Hmm, now I look forward to Christmas like none other! hehehe!


100 Percent Cottam said...

sounds like you're getting this mama of 5 thing down! you rock.

Natalie said...

Jared is one cute kid! Isn't life great!?