Tuesday, 29 January 2008

That's my boy....

Have I mentioned lately how much we love this little guy? Today we went to court to file our petition to adopt. Everything went well. I had to testify. They asked me a ton of questions, then Seth got up there to testify and they said...."did you hear everything Sarah said? Do you agree with her? Okay then...." and he was done. Uuh, a little unfair don't ya think? hehehehe! I guess they figured out pretty quick who the jabber jaws of the relationship is!!:)
Anyway, I just want you all to know that Jason rolled over from his belly to his back today!! What a strong, big boy! Can't remember, did I mention that we are in love with him?? Yeah, we are! (aren't those some amazing eyelashes??)
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making me happy today...

Jason is feeling better! Yeah! I am so glad he is smiling and playing again. Back to his mellow self. Ella is feeling better to. Hip-hip hooray! They both still have a lingering cough, but a lot better than they were this weekend, so no more complaining on my end!!
Happy Tuesday!
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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Till we meet again....

I just heard the sad sad news about President Hinkley. We will sure miss him. He was such a great Prophet. I will miss his humor and his infectious smile. Till we meet again.

Friday, 25 January 2008


the kids are sick....ella and jason both. fevers, coughs, and jason is wheezing. a trip to the doctor and $75.00 later we are on our way to better health around here. yup, that's ella in a ladybug costume fast asleep. nice. i just love her sense of fashion.
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It is STILL freezing out here. We got enough sun to melt the snow off the roof. But before it got to the ground we got this huge icicle.....the kids are dying to break it off and eat it!! heheheeh! We are waiting to see how big it will get...we'll keep you posted.
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Ms. Katie got two awards at the assembly at school on Tuesday. She was so very proud of herself. Her teacher, Mrs.Henderson said the reason she was given the responsibility award is because she is always so helpful. That she can always count on Katie to keep her things picked up and she is always helping the other kids to get there stuff done on time. ( and cleans up after the other kids as well!) I almost missed the assembly (woulda been a VERY 'bad Mom' moment) but made it just in time. Boy was I glad to because she was looking everywhere for me....I had to yell out her name to get her attention, and when I did she smiled the biggest smile EVER! Boy am I glad I didn't screw that up! Annie, Jared and Katie got attendance awards too!
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Monday, 21 January 2008


the weekend is over. back to the daily grind. clean. laundry.diet.exercise. a bunch of same old - same old. i found this quote, here's to hoping it really helps and lifts my spirit! (yours too)

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." Anatole France

i suppose that means i have to believe i will be able to be a size 5. not only dream, but it also,means i have to plan! (darn it:) hee hee. have a good monday, y'all!
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Friday, 18 January 2008


Why didn't they just show this? I am convinced now.

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Thursday, 17 January 2008

I wish...

I was here. A size 5. Tan. Is that too much to ask for? Seriously!
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These boots are made for walking...

and walk they did! I had to post this picture mostly for Melissa. Melissa gave me these boots when Annie was little after Lindsey grew out of them. This is their last shah-bang. Since Ella is my last girl, after this winter I will pass these boots on to someone else....Weird, I know, but I am kinda sad about it. Not because I am in love with the boots......just because as I was putting them on Ella I remembered that they had been through each of my girls and Lindsey. I really love that. Maybe I am weird and keep things too long, but I think I am actually gonna be sad when I put them in the give-away bag. *sniff*
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It is true....

We got MORE snow today! It looks like the rest of the week we will be having FREEZING temperatures as well. Nice. I am frozen. Ready for some warmer weather. At least the kids like it! :)
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Friday, 11 January 2008

Sad,sad day.....

Ella is having a bit of toddler depression.....she packed her backpack with paper and a snack and fully expected to get on the bus with the kids this morning. Ella was devastated. So you know me, I picked up the camera to document the moment. {does that make me a bad Mom?} Either way, she got over it, cause we are going to see Jenna today.....Whew! I got lucky!
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Ella playing at Grama's house....

Ella sure had a blast playing at Grama Jenny's house yesterday. She was amazed at the nesting dolls. It is always so fun to watch children discover new things.....she just couldn't get enough of them. Good times.
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outside of Mom's house....

the corner of our property...
I guess they were right....this time. We got some good snow yesterday afternoon. The flakes were huge. It was so beautiful. The kids can't wait to make snowmen this afternoon when they get home from school!
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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Looked like a decent day....

Ella was dying to play outside yesterday.....This is the outfit she put on, to be warm.....She didn't care that it was cold, she just needed to run off some steam. The dogs were excited as well, for some company. It only lasted about 5 minutes, then she came in freezing....and so now we wait for two inches of the white stuff today...I'll believe it when I see it!
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To Bumbo or not to Bumbo!??!!?

Okay, all you ladies out there with small children.....Is it worth getting the Bumbo? I have gotten rid of all my baby stuff, and am looking at all the new stuff that's out there. And so I am wondering if it is worth getting a Bumbo, or should I just get a highchair and call it good!? Any advice would be lovely.....thanks

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Love you forever...

My Mom read this book to us when I was a young, and it was a family favorite! I am so in love with the fact that my own kids love it now, too! Isn't Annie such a good big sister reading to Ella? Today, Ella is "reading" it herself and saying things from the book that she remembers. Sweet stuff, eh!
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Tuesday, 8 January 2008


this picture says it all. this is alan getting ready to fly back to hawaii. he is the guy that is always going somewhere. so to me, this pic says a lot about al. love you man. we are going to miss you. hurry up and come back already.
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Monday, 7 January 2008

Bubbles for Breakfast!??!

Yup, that is apparently what Ella wanted for breakfast this morning. She asked me for a straw...I thought it was just to drink the milk out of the bottom of the bowl. I turn around and see this. Looks tasty.
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The other day, Ella was asking for some Cheetos...I told her there was only a little bit left. SO she got a cup for me to fill, and when I poured them in, only two Cheetos came out. She said, "oh, pickles" (that is a serious reason to be depressed when your 3) Then I readjusted the bag, and poured the rest into her cup. She sighed, and said "that's AMAZING". (pure relief) I seriously thought I would die laughing. That is one expressive little three year old!
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That's My Girl!

SO, I have a confession to make! I love, and I mean LOVE (d) to play basketball! Naturally, I am one happy Mama to have a daughter that is playing....FINALLY! Anyway, Saturday was her first game. Annie was SO nervous. Once we got to the school, she didn't say a thing more about it... I was really proud of her. She really tried to do everything her coach asked her to do, and she MADE a basket! Yup, that's right, my baby put some points on the board!! They lost the game by a basket. Bummer. Not to worry, it was only the first game, so it wasn't like there were any recruiters there or anything....*smirk*
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