Wednesday, 15 July 2009

He is lucky he's cute......

because this is what I came into the kitchen to see. What I couldn't catch on camera however, was Jason actually sitting on each egg to break it....(Yes, like a chicken.) Annie and Katie had made eggs and "forgot" to put them away!

It was actually a great learning experience......I taught the girls to use salt to clean up raw-runny eggs, so now when they have children (and they will) they will know how to clean up the messes they make! {insert a TON of evil laughter}

Ahhh, having kids is not for the faint of heart. :)

Sunday, 12 July 2009


For the first time I can remember, it was a wee bit chilly. A huge surprise for us, usually it is blistering hot and humid.....but we enjoyed it (even though it was a bit gloomy-sky) After all our fireworks were blown up and gone we started a fire to roast marshmallows to make S'mores. It was so fun just sitting around the fire, talking and having fun.

At 9:30pm we left to go back into Cameron to see the Big display the city puts on. It was a fantastic show. We had perfect seats (thanks Nat and Erinn) and was a perfect way to end the day. Happy Independence Day!
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Annie had a BLAST!!!

For the first time, ever.....Annie got to shoot fireworks off with the guys. She had so much fun. It surprised me how unafraid of all the explosives she was. Crazy Girl!
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Uncle Jake and Alan were the crazy uncles leading the way with all the fireworks for the rest of the afternoon/evening! We had a ton of parachute's, and the kids had a blast lining up and chasing them everywhere. Jason wanted to be a part of all the fun, but had to be held and he plugged his ears. He love the colors and booms, just not the really loud ones! :)

Seriously though, we did fireworks for hours. Not even kidding.
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Basketball anyone?!!?

We came home after the parade and had some lunch. Yummy barbecued beef sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, know, the good stuff. After all the food settled, we went over to the park to play some basketball.....Now, Alan just got home from San Antonio, and he didn't have any basketball shorts. The only thing Seth had, were these amazing SILVER/shiny-very special (nasty in my opinion) athletic shorts, that he wears under his karate uniform. So....Alan decided he would wear them. NIICE! Can I just say that it was one of the most hysterical things I have seen in a long time. Disturbing, yes. I can't lie though and say I didn't laugh out loud several times while watching the game.

Also, i think he had an unfair advantage....who was gonna guard him very close? Couldn't think of anyone, could ya?

That's what I thought.
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the Parade....

the kids love the parade and it has become quite a fun tradition on the 4th. That running Uncle Sam guy really cracked me up, so I couldn't help but snap a pic! Ashelyn was loving the clapping and the other kids loved the candy!! (Seth stayed home while Jason napped and Alan crashed out from getting home after a week of EFY) They missed a fabulous parade. :)
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Independence Day.....

The Holiday weekend came upon us the day after we got home from North Carolina! We were all a little tired, a there wasn't any big plans, so we just kind of hung out and went with the flow. It was a nice relaxing day. It started off with Swedish pancakes for breakfast then some fireworks with Uncle Jake (the kids LOVED it) and then we went to Cameron for the Parade. The parade was hilarious as usual.....small towns are the best. Lots of tractors, horses, and atv's.
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