Friday, 30 January 2009

Crazy, crazy kids......

what has happened to my sweet innocent children? I am finding out so much now that Annie has a camera of her own. (I suppose that's a good thing, right?) I think they come by their 'crazy' quite honestly. That Seth....let me tell you! :0
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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

TWO new puppies.....

What!??!! You say.... Yup, I agreed to ONE puppy. (after much begging and pleading and many promises of feeding and cleaning up after said puppy) I did cave.....for ONE.

Seth took the kids (while I was working) to pick up the dog. My cell phone rings, and it is Seth.....he says "there is only two left. If I take one then it will be all alone. The dogs gave me this really sad face, like why are you taking away my friend. Please, can we just have two?' Seriously.....I was like I caved. We have two of the cutest puppies ever. They are Labs and as perfect as can be.
And so far the kids have been great with them. (one is a boy and one is a girl)

Names we considered:
Jack and Bauer (after my one true love)
Lucky (again)

The names we settled on were Coco and Lucky. The kids begged for that name again. It wasn't worth a fight. :) So the kids lovingly call him Lucky number 2. (nice, eh!)
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Monday, 26 January 2009


got two awards at the Care Awards assembly. She got one for Achievement and one for attendance! She is doing so well in school and just loves it!! Good job Katie!

Jared also got an award for perfect attendance so far for the whole year!! WOW! That's amazing!
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Monday, 19 January 2009

Happy Birthday Ms. Jenna.....

this picture makes me laugh!! She's saying "oh heck no, I am the baby and I refuse to grow up"!!

Jenna, you are such a sweet girl! You are funny and crazy, loves horses and Ella. :) I hope you have a fabulous day!!

*I really can't believe that she is four. Time goes fast! We love you Jen-Jen!
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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Family Time....

Andy got home from his Mission to Thailand and came out for a visit.....and it was a great excuse to get everyone together!! Alan and Josh flew in for the event. It was so good to see everyone! We know how to have a good time, let me tell you. :) It was wonderful to see Andy again....I can't believe it has been two years. Where does time go again???
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Naked as a Jay-Bird......

Mr. Jason just got out of his bath......decided it would be better to run around the house naked than get dressed!! He had us all laughing! Good thing he found Daddy's hat......and placed it so perfectly. :) Crazy little baby!
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


You Rock!! Happy Birthday little lady!!

*technically both b-days are tomorrow! I can't help being so on top of things!! :) Also, don't be offended if I forget your special day. I love you. I just only have a few brain cells. And some times are busier for me than others. Okay. I am trying NOT to feel guilty about ALL the people I leave out. Can you forgive me??? Please. :)
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Mmmmmegan.....It's your day.....

I hope you have the best, most fabulous birthday! I love you. You are a wonderful person. You are happy and bright and make so many of us laugh! Thanks for all you do!

Enjoy these pictures. I found them especially for you!!! :)
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I forgot to mention.....

that I chopped Ella' s hair off. Yup, it was long. I was a tad bit sad, but it was time to tame the beast! :) Did I mention that she loves it?
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Monday, 5 January 2009

Fun stuff on Etsy....

Just found this etsy shop, via Design Mom...... I love that it is bright and fun. They have a lot of other cool stuff! Take a look....I think I will have to get something...... when I win the lottery! :)

Or, maybe next week!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

the end of the Christmas coverage...

The last thing the kids got was all their karate gear.....they couldn't have been more excited!!

Well, I was a little worried this year about Christmas. About money, and really dumb things.....I have just been so stressed out and basically forgot about what the Holiday really is all about. Seth and I chose to really scale back, and only get the kids three things each, and do stockings. I kept going in and out of feeling guilty about not doing more, blah blah, blah.....And I got pretty lucky because I didn't even go out shopping until the Saturday before Christmas. (that really helped me from going over-board!!) So, all in all we had a wonderful holiday, and a nice Christmas break. The kids go back to school in the morning and I am really surprised at how fast the break went. I actually think I am going to miss the laid back, wake up whenever, clean the house whenever lifestyle. I do however thrive on a schedule, too. So I am sure that missing those lazy days won't last for long.

We have been really keeping busy at the shop. We have done a mystery quilt day, a Friday night sew-a-thon and lots and lots of projects I am trying to keep up with. I am working on keeping that blog updated as well. So check it often and leave me a nice comment or a mean one.....if that's how you roll. :)

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and that you had a safe and warm holiday season. I for one am grateful for the simple blessing of safety. Having heard about Jake and Misty's ordeal was quite a humbling experience for me. You know, you just never know when it will be your time to go, but I sure know how devastating that could have been for our family. I am grateful for the Lord's hand in their lives.....that everything happened how it did and that they are safe.

We sometimes just sail through life without thinking about how blessed we are just to be here. Let us not forget to look on the bright side, be positive and enjoy where you are......If I know anything, it is that wherever we are doesn't last very long, that life is constantly changing, and that if we could just learn to be content, we wouldn't wish so much time away.
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Uncle Tom's big 50th

Aunt Wendy and her girls had been planning this big 70-80's surprise party for Uncle Tom. It was a blast. Wendy did so much decorating and preparing, everything was wonderful. Megan pretty much rocked the house with her hair-do. I want to have another party just so I can see that again....and JD, that mustache....mmm-hmm. WOW. We all had a great time disco dancing and YES I did sport one heck of a side pony. (and some blue eye shadow!!) Good times.
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was super lucky this year too! Her main thing she wanted SOOOO bad was a camera. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get her one, and I came across another awesome deal....and Wha-la, Annie got a camera and some Aeropostale clothes. It is so weird that she is past the toys.....and now wants clothes and electronics. It has definitely been a good Christmas for us all.
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was one lucky boy this year! He got a new coat (i got an awesome deal) a bakugon set, (supposedly the newest cool, boy thing) and a air hog helicopter! He pretty much doesn't think it can get any better than this!
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got the one thing she wanted SO I-dog! That was her big, big thing she just had to have. She also got new shoes, a friendship bracelet making kit, a book making kit and a polly pocket. She has been rocking out ever since.
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was also very excited about Christmas and her list would seriously crack you up. (i will have to scan all of the lists, they are pretty funny!) Anyway, her presents this year were a backpack with a sleeping bag and flashlight, a real tea party set and barbie Mariposa. (the barbie with giant sparkly butterfly wings!!) She was so happy.
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thought Christmas was the best thing ever! He very quickly caught on to opening presents and LOVED it. His presents this year were a riding toy firetruck, some clothes, a noisy music thing and some shoes. He was in pure heaven. Oh, and he got some candy in his thing ever. Just ask him! :)
Look at the picture of him second up on the left, hahahaha, he was SO into those presents!! That is the picture this year that just makes me laugh over and over. This sweet little guy has brought so much joy to our family!
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Christmas morning....

the kids really did pretty well, they didn't wake up until about 7am. I remember waking up at 3am then every hour after that to beg our parents to let us go out and get our stockings!! I am glad I have good sleepers! They loved everything in those stockings!!
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