Sunday, 4 January 2009

the end of the Christmas coverage...

The last thing the kids got was all their karate gear.....they couldn't have been more excited!!

Well, I was a little worried this year about Christmas. About money, and really dumb things.....I have just been so stressed out and basically forgot about what the Holiday really is all about. Seth and I chose to really scale back, and only get the kids three things each, and do stockings. I kept going in and out of feeling guilty about not doing more, blah blah, blah.....And I got pretty lucky because I didn't even go out shopping until the Saturday before Christmas. (that really helped me from going over-board!!) So, all in all we had a wonderful holiday, and a nice Christmas break. The kids go back to school in the morning and I am really surprised at how fast the break went. I actually think I am going to miss the laid back, wake up whenever, clean the house whenever lifestyle. I do however thrive on a schedule, too. So I am sure that missing those lazy days won't last for long.

We have been really keeping busy at the shop. We have done a mystery quilt day, a Friday night sew-a-thon and lots and lots of projects I am trying to keep up with. I am working on keeping that blog updated as well. So check it often and leave me a nice comment or a mean one.....if that's how you roll. :)

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and that you had a safe and warm holiday season. I for one am grateful for the simple blessing of safety. Having heard about Jake and Misty's ordeal was quite a humbling experience for me. You know, you just never know when it will be your time to go, but I sure know how devastating that could have been for our family. I am grateful for the Lord's hand in their lives.....that everything happened how it did and that they are safe.

We sometimes just sail through life without thinking about how blessed we are just to be here. Let us not forget to look on the bright side, be positive and enjoy where you are......If I know anything, it is that wherever we are doesn't last very long, that life is constantly changing, and that if we could just learn to be content, we wouldn't wish so much time away.
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Josh and Amanda said...

I love the idea of only doing 3 things for the kids. Definitely something to remember! We miss you guys a lot..

Misty said...

Ya, the 3 things thing is a great idea. Totally had that rockin' for Ashelyn... Gideon on the other hand... Jake just got a little excited. :o) Should have saved more for his birthday.

We love you guys and I'm glad your Christmas turned out great!