Tuesday, 27 January 2009

TWO new puppies.....

What!??!! You say.... Yup, I agreed to ONE puppy. (after much begging and pleading and many promises of feeding and cleaning up after said puppy) I did cave.....for ONE.

Seth took the kids (while I was working) to pick up the dog. My cell phone rings, and it is Seth.....he says "there is only two left. If I take one then it will be all alone. The dogs gave me this really sad face, like why are you taking away my friend. Please, can we just have two?' Seriously.....I was like whatever....so I caved. We have two of the cutest puppies ever. They are Labs and as perfect as can be.
And so far the kids have been great with them. (one is a boy and one is a girl)

Names we considered:
Jack and Bauer (after my one true love)
Lucky (again)

The names we settled on were Coco and Lucky. The kids begged for that name again. It wasn't worth a fight. :) So the kids lovingly call him Lucky number 2. (nice, eh!)
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