Friday, 24 April 2009


Seth and I are getting ready to leave for a trip to Cancun Mexico. We are so excited and in desperate need of a vacay. :) We are staying at the Sun Palace Resort....anyone been there? Anything we need to know or any excursions that are must do? Basically my top 10 things I want to do while I am there are (in no particular order)

1. lay out and get a tan
2. drink lots of pina coladas
3. room service
4. lay out
5. do nothing
7. NO phone calls
8. NO fabric
9. lay out
10. alone time with my Man

*nothing against fabric or phone calls

Fingers are crossed for an amazing time..... I did check the weather. And it looks like we have a 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms the entire time we are there. (i luck is amazing)
But I am still super excited and ready to go.

The main thing I am worried about is getting a severe sun burn from the glare that WILL come off of Seth's belly!! We have talked about my concerns and I am pretty sure we will do what we can to avoid anything serious! :)

Have a great weekend.

Can't wait to tell you all about our trip!! See ya next week!

*picture is from my trip to Cabo in 2005
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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Karate Kid?

Jason is always wanting to play with the kids Karate gear....well, I couldn't deny that cute little guy. So, we put all the gear on him.
I thought I might die laughing......He thought he was pretty big stuff as well. I love how his cheeks are squished.....Is he not the cutest BOY ever!?!?!?

***I know you all missed my 'look at my adorable son, jason' gushy-mushy posts.....Well. I am back. At least I hope I am!! :)
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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Clean up....

See what I mean!?!? That Boys got skills! He is serious about his cleaning too. If you try to help or take the broom away, you are in BIG trouble!!
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Mess maker....

I know, it's kind of a theme around here. Look at Jason, and the messes he makes. The ironic thing is that it doesn't happen all that often. And when it does, i usually have the time/patience to laugh it off and take a picture.

He is so smart though, and that's what gets me....he makes the mess. And says uh-o, acts all cute and innocent, then he goes to the broom closet, gets the broom out and starts trying to clean it up.

I suppose I should start honing in on those skills and put him on the chore chart! Hahahah.
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Friday, 3 April 2009

Pinewood Derby....

Jared is a Cub Scout.....and along with that comes the pinewood derby. He had a blast working on his car with his Dad....they painted it blue and black, and screwed screws on the hood of it for more weight. He did pretty good. They boys all had so much fun! They didn't even really care that much about winning! They just loved racing and cheering each other on!!
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