Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Scoop....

Forget the hostess connection deal. Nobody even needs that password anymore.

Just go to:

Click on "Our Jewelry"

Click on the Spring/summer 2008 catalog.

There will be a link on the top right corner of the catalog that says "How to Purchase"

Then they can enter your first and last name and go from there. (Sarah Galbraith)

So if you are still interested in ordering, here is the latest! Thank you. Just so you know, the most expensive piece you buy is always going to be your half price items.... Have fun!
And sorry about the hassle!! :)


Jen M said...

No hassles - - just wanted to make sure you got a better response! Will do a little shopping this weekend :)

Jan said...

We just got back -- but I will be checking later on. Thanks for the tip!