Sunday, 15 March 2009

This That and the other.....

The blog This that and the other is having an awesome giveaway! I am NOT gonna lie. I was totally tempted NOT to tell you.....BUT I had to. I couldn't resist. I already made a fool out of myself by writing a poem that was supposed to rhyme. (you know how great I am at those!)

Good luck guys. Sure go ahead. Go enter and make it harder for me to win! It's cool. I'll be sure to get you back next giveaway!!

Did I mention that her blog is awesome? That she is giving away a table runner that is ADORABLE?!?!?! Oh and she's the girl I was telling you about that is doing the Grandmas flower Garden from different States and Countries! Yeah, she is a pretty cool Lady! :)

So, go check it out!


Jen M said...

I saw your poem on her're quick, too! Number 2 comment! Love the poem.

Jen M said...

Check your e-mail. Jodi at Simply This..needs your e-mail. More chances coming your way? :)

Kim said...

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to thank you for my virtual gift. I'm so happy that you could come to my party but, please stay a while because it's not over just yet. I have a few more surprises up my sleeve.

Hugs, Kim