Sunday, 14 September 2008

Oh, Ella....

Last night as Seth and I were getting the kids ready for bed, Katie noticed that Seth's insole (for his work boots) was all cut up. Katie told Seth and I said "oh, I think Ella did that while I was up stairs."
Seth then sarcastically said "oh, thanks Ella."

Ella got a gigantic smile on her face and said " Your welcome Dad....had you been trying to do that."
(*actual : yauh welcome dada, had you been twying ta do that.)

I couldn't help myself, I busted up laughing out loud and Seth soon joined me. Oh, to be as innocent and sweet as a little four year old.....she really thought Dad was grateful for all her 'hard work' as I am sure it was for her!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday.


Jan said...

Ah, so cute!! I'm so glad you could laugh - -I'm afraid my reaction would have been being mad at her. Yay for you!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

That is too funny! Sometimes laughing is the only thing that you can do! :)

Natalie said...

ha ha ahhahahh POOR SETH!!! She is quite a little adventure!!!

Phogles said...

see, that makes you good parents, that you can laugh now (instead of yelling now, and laughing later...) and see it from your sweet little girl's perspective. Your kids are so lucky to have parents with a sense of humor.