Sunday, 21 September 2008

Dear Jason,

I apologize for raining so much and making it inconvenient to play. I also am very sorry for flooding your parents basement and making last weekend miserable. After I received your letter I decided a little sun was in order, mid-afternoon.
It seems to me you enjoyed your self out in the massive mud pit your Dad dug so that he could fix the drain pipe that was smashed and made the water almost impossible to drain....thus the flooded basement.
You actually loved jumping in and you scared your Mom half to death with a head-first dive! It was however, colder than it looked.

Please forgive the miserable weather last weekend. I will try to stay away until mid-week, then be gone again by the weekend.

Regards, Mr. Rain
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Natalie said...

I love your cute!

Hopkins said...

Oh Sarah! You and your poor basement!!! Yuck! But Jason sure does brighten it all up!

Phogles said...

Seriously? Your basement flooded? Ugh! Did you lose anything? But, hey, a mud pit for the kids to play can't buy that kind of quality play equipment, you know! :D