Thursday, 4 September 2008

the cake....

after lunch we rushed back home for the school kids, we fixed dinner, (well, seth mostly fixed dinner) ate and did a quickie b-day party. we were all planning on going to karate, but i was tired and realized that my kids were tired and we needed to just keep them home and put them to we had a little less stressful party......not having to rush and all. :)
ella got a rainbow cake....chocolate with strawberry mousse filling YUMMY!! (maybe that's what I'll have for breakfast?!) and loved it...
this was the year all about Dora......again.....

she got a new dora toothbrush
a dora backpack - thanks al
a dora necklace and bracelet set- thanks annie, jared, katie and jason
dora fruit snacks - thanks josh and amanda
a birthday dora doll-thanks grama jenny and grampa ron
littlest pet shop set- from dad and mama
money from grama and grampa mason, grama and grampa galbraith, and grama dee

it was a nice day for sure. i am still in shock that she is really four......whew, time really does fly.
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Al said...

sarah = ultimate gift giver. You make all the other givers around you better when you give a gift. :)

Jan said...

Sounds like a great birthday. The cake? Yummy for sure!