Thursday, 4 September 2008

Jason's Day...

Jason was given his name and blessing at church on Sunday. We were blessed to have so many family in town, and due to the lack of time given were bummed about those who couldn't make it. Either way it was a beautiful day. As I sat in church singing the opening hymn I was hit by a huge wave of emotion......We are so blessed to have Jason in our lives in so many ways.....he has such an enormous spirit and everyone around him knows he is special. When Seth started on the blessing I just couldn't hold back the tears and neither could he. Jason did grab the microphone at one point and said a few is a little different blessing an eleven month old. :)
It was a really great experience and makes me hardly able to wait to go to the Temple. We are going to do that in the second week of October......I think. :) We are pretty sure we will be able to make it work for everyone. Thanks to all of you who were able to be here, and those of you who had us in your thoughts. We love you all and appreciate the support we have been given.

Just for a reference the guys that were there and participated with the blessing:
Bishop Bonnet
Bishop Hanson
Dad (ron doan)
Wayne (seth's dad)
Grampa Fish
Andrew (wold)
Mike Steele
Jeff Durfee

*their were probably more than I can remember right now, so I may be editing and adding names to the list.
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Jan said...

Oh, I love it -- how sweet is this? I wish there was somehow we could have been there. I'd love to have been able to be a part of it. Sigh. Distance -- I hate it! So happy for you though.

Amanda & AJ said...

I love the picture of Jason by him self.. he looks like a little model. lol. He is so handsome!!

Stephanie said...

I absolutely love that second shot. Glamor boy!!!! I can see that he loves the camera just about as much as he loves walking, getting into things, and....being with Dad (or is that Dad being with him????).. Such a cutie. You are not allowed to tell me Gid horror stories about this cutie. Why do I feel a Nathan, Darrell childhood relationship brewing? Who is going to get who into more trouble?

Phogles said...

oh, I am so sad we missed it! We tried hard, but just couldn't pull ourselves together, danggit. Thank you for posting pictures, though. What a beautiful day. I was almost crying myself, reading your post.