Thursday, 24 July 2008

Mr. Handsome

weighs 20lbs 2 oz
and is 28 inches tall
h/c 17 3/4

and he is still the most darling little guy ever!! i love that he cracks up at me and literally laughs out loud. i love his smile. i love his calm, laid back personality. i love his bright blue eyes. i love that he is trying to walk. (seriously taking 3-5 steps at a time!!) i love that he love loves his daddy. i love that he loves his brother and sisters. i love that he sings himself to sleep. i love that he climbs up and down the stairs. i love that he stands at the door because he wants to play outside. i love that dances every time that music is either playing or someone is singing. he is just an all around perfect baby......and obviously i love him to pieces.

we are really excited to tell you that we will be finalizing everything on July 29. (the best bday present ever)

*his birth mama sent him this adorable outfit....he is so lucky to have two mama's!!
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Al said...

soo good miss!

Fiona Mathews said...

I didn't know he is adopted! I wouldn't have ever known because he fits in with your family so well! I have a few friends that when they told me their child was adopted, I was surprised because they just look like them. He sure is cute! Must be a Galbraith!

Phogles said...

How adorable! I love the toothy grin. And, HECK YES! Finalizing on your birthday?! That's fantastic! Any plans for the sealing?

Jan said...

Oh, he is adorable! That little face, that funny little grin - just want to squeeze him!

jess @ lost button studio said...

Congrats on your new baby! You won the jewelry giveaway on my blog so please send me a message (jess at lostbuttonstudio dot com).

Richardsons Randoms said...

Congratulations Sarah! That has to be the best birthday gift ever! He is such a sweet little boy and has the brightest smile. Check out Watkin's Mill on my blog... gotta get some Richardson/Doan Family pics if you have a spare weekend. Congrats again on your sweet Jason!
Love ya girl,

galbraiths said...

yay!!!! I am so happy that things will finally be final. ANd what and Awesome b-day present!! It will be your best yet!! Wish we were there to celebrate with ya!!! Love and hugs!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

He is totally cute! You need to record him singing himself to sleep!