Sunday, 6 July 2008

is it time yet, Mom!?!?!

We heard that a LOT while we waited for the Fireworks show to start!! :) But, the city of Cameron did not disappoint. It was a great show. Perfect weather, too!!
Jason even loved the show....Seth was worried he would freak out, but he laid right next to me on the blanket and he drank his bottle and was so cute. He even fell asleep towards the end. :)
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Jan said...

What a beautiful pic of Annie!! We loved our fireworks too -- and now we know where to find them for next time.

Phogles said...

oh, we were there, too! Too bad we couldn't hook up, darn it. yeah, my kids were dying, "when are the fireworks going to START, Mom?"

Natalie said...

That was so much fun...I love the fourth of July!