Sunday, 25 May 2008

I promise....

I will be better about blogging. Life is getting ready to get REALLY busy, which means I will probably have more to say than just "ya, I have been busy cleaning, blah, blah, blah!!" plus I will have a really good excuse to take pictures...and I always like that! :)

So this is my run down of what I am looking forward to...

Tomorrow, Memorial Day! I am looking forward to our ward breakfast they are putting on in honor of veterans....(i wasn't going to go, but Mom gave the speech about supporting our leaders, and ward we are going!!)

DENVER!!! We leave early Thursday morning!! Yahoo!! I am so excited to see everyone!! Grama and Grampa Mason, Jan, Natalie, Tara, Rosie....all y'all! Can't wait to chat it up at the reunion!! I NEED a vacation, too!! And the kids....holy cow. Denver is ALL they have been talking about for two months, at least!! ( i do love that they love to go!!)

swim team....It is going to be insanely hectic, but I think it will be so great for the kids! I am all about filling their time with good, healthy activities, too!!

Katie's play! It is really going to be a good time! She had her first practice on Friday night, and I just know she is going to LOVE it! She is one of the King's Children....this week they practiced the 'bowing to the King, and to Anna' and next week they are doing the choreography for the 'getting to know you' song!! It is so fun to see her up there. I can't wait for the performance!! It will be the last weekend in July!

Josh and Amanda....coming for a visit. SOMETIME this summer!!! You better! :)

Alan...when are you going to come see me!!? I really want to look forward to that too!!
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100 Percent Cottam said...

we're so excited for denver, too! maya says the person she's most excited to see is annie! :)

Jan said...

We can't wait to see you guys -- I was so tickled with Maya's comment, especially since she was so sick last time around. She loved how sweet Annie was to her and she always talks about it. Yay!!