Thursday, 13 March 2008

The winter blah, blah, blahs!!!

So yesterday was a lovely day.....70 degrees. I was so excited and energetic. Today is a different story! It will only be in the 50's and getting colder for the weekend! Darn! I really am ready for some sun! I am not normally a whiny person, but this winter has just really drug on, to me! And it is bringing out my inner whiner! (not pretty)
So, the kids have the day off of school tomorrow and I am considering bribing know the old fashioned 'get your room clean and I'll take you to the movies' number!! :) I think we will go see Spiderwick Chronicles. Has anyone seen it? Is it good for kids? Any other recommendations?? I would love to hear your opinions! You know of course, that it totally depends on if the rooms get cleaned or not!! hehehe!!
Well, I think I will go for a walk again today, before it gets too cold! I hope you are all having a great day!
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Jan said...

I loved your picture - -beautiful. And I agree with everything you said about weather -- it was lovely here yesterday and today it's chilly and cloudy and gloomy. I just want spring to come and to STAY!!

Lindsey said...

well all my friennds said it was a awsome movie but they said it has some scary parts , thats what i herd

Jen M said...

Thanks for the flower picture. I could use a bit of 70 degree weather, too. Wah!

Misty said...

At least it's not a really cold spell coming through and it will get back up almost to 60 all next week. You're just ready to leave for sunny california to leave me here with all your kids!!! :o)