Friday, 7 March 2008


It has been spitting snow all morning. Not the big accumulating kind, just the small annoying kind that isn't very pretty! Who knows though, it just might accumulate if it keeps up!
Anyway, I have been so bad about blogging and I apologize! Things have been so crazy and busy...... I am so glad it is Friday. I decided I would leave you with a list of things I am looking forward to and can't stop thinking about.....

Looking forward to:

...sleeping in. i know for most of you, you wouldn't consider getting up at 7am, sleeping in. but for me, it is!! movie night ( a Friday night tradition, around here)
...roller skating tomorrow. (love it)
...going to CA for Jessica's wedding March 28 shower next weekend (haven't been to one in a while...i get to take pictures too, so that will be fun!!)
...getting my jewelry i ordered from Lia Sophia (pretty much i am dying for this!!)
...having Hillary CLOSE!! 4 hours is nothing, baby!! eleventh anniversary. crazy, i know....i have been married eleven years (3.28)
...scrap booking
...girls weekend in April
...Jason's finalization
...Easter. i got the cutest matching dresses for all three of the girls! yes, I am very excited for the matchy-matchy event of the year!
...Alan coming home for a visit (now where are josh and Darrell)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

oh, and aren't my kids so cute out there helping their dad cut wood!? i love that they are so helpful, and that my man is such a hard worker!
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Jan said...

Your kids are dang cute out there with their dad. And I loved your list of things you're looking forward to - -but you forgot the big family reunion! ha ha!

Jen M said...

What a great list! Looks like a lot of fun!