Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy Birthday!

10 years ago....I was one terrified Mama! I had just had my very first baby. She was born with a condition called gastroschesis. We knew enough to be scared, but we were hopeful our baby would be okay. There were a lot of ups and downs those first few weeks, but a little over a month we were able to bring our beautiful baby home. She was beautiful and perfect.
Annie Louise Galbraith was born March 25, 1998
she weighed 4lbs 4 oz (or so....depending on which weight was the most accurate)
she was 19 1/4 inches long
And now you would never know anything was ever wrong with her! How blessed we are!

I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. Just look at her....she isn't a baby anymore. I am all of the sudden flooded with memories of her. When it was just her and I....she was the perfect little companion. She was happy, and would sing every song on the radio with me. (seriously....as a 2 year old!!) She was so tiny. She was so girly, yet feisty and tom-boyish.
She still is all that and more.....she is just so much older now.
Annie, I love you so much.
Because it is her 10th birthday, i thought I would write 10 things about Annie.....

1)sweet as can be
2)super smart
3)has an incredible testimony
4)has a bright smile
5)loves children (especially the little ones!)
6)loves to read...almost as much as her Dad does!!
7)she has a beautiful singing voice
8)loves to ride her bike
9)loves animals
10) is a good friend

Tonight, we just had a very small party for her. She had one friend over, Liz. Jake and Misty, Gramma Jenny and Grampa Ron came over to eat swedish pancakes. (Annie's choice for b-day dinner!!) Gramma Cindy came by and brought her a card. It was a nice evening. Jake and Misty gave her a radio Disney cd, that she LOVES!! My parents sent her balloons at school and gave her a card with a coupon in it for a movie date! Her friend Liz gave her a shower gel set, that smells like chocolate! And we gave her a new quilt for her bed....we are going to have to 'extreme makeover' Annie's bedroom when I get home from California! And she was very excited about her cards from Gramma and Grampa Mason, Gramma Cindy and Gramma Dahl.... Thanks everyone for making Annie's day so special.
Annie we love you. Have a Happy birthday.....and lets slow down the next ten years, okay!?
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Misty said...

Hooray for Annie! We love you girly!

Jan said...

How is this even possible? I totally remember when she was born and how worried we all were over her medical issues - -and like you said, look at her now! She's smart, funny, sweet and beautiful. How lucky we all are!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

Happy Birthday Annie! You are so beautiful! I hope you had a great day! :)

Natalie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Annie! Let me know when the Extreme Makeover begins...I'm there!!!