Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The "veggies" of our labor's!

So tonight we got to enjoy the YUMMIEST corn EVER......and we grew it ourselves!!! Yea! Talk about a huge accomplishment!! Seriously, I am NOT the gardening kind....but this year it is going so well, you might say I have been enjoying it!!:) Last night we went to my Mom's house and canned some more green beans, and pickles. (thanks,Mom) I haven't quite caught the "bug" for canning yet....maybe it will follow soon! We can only hope!!
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Jan said...

Sarah!! Yay for you guys! I love seeing your kids eating the food that you grew yourselves! Gotta love that! And it doesn't hurt that your kids are so dang cute!!

Natalie said...

Your garden is amazing!! Im jealous! I am so proud of you guys! and yes, your kids are so cute!!!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

you guys are awesome! that's so much fun. i'll be the kids are better about eating things they helped to grow.