Monday, 16 July 2007

SO...I've been a little busy!


The saying is true...when it rains it pours!! I am still trying to fully recover from the past 3 weeks...and I am thinking I am getting closer. I have been offered a job doing photography for an electrical company, taking pictures of various job sites, and job's completed....and at different stages of completion. So anyway, I have been really busy trying to get a bunch of things done with that. I am very excited about the opportunity, and the skills I can learn and improve on! So, that is what I have been doing!
I am excited that I can do this "job" and still make my own hours, spending only one day a week away from the kids, and being able to edit the pictures at home! It really is ideal for me! Well, and I get to make a little money, too!!
On Saturday we went over to Bart and Lisa's house for a swim party/barbecue! We had so much fun! The kids didn't want to leave! So here is a picture of Jared....he LOVES swimming...and is getting really good at it!!
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Natalie said...

What a cute kid! Congratulations on making the job official! Good luck!!!

Jan said...

Cute, cute boy!! Yay for you on the job - you're awesome and they are lucky!

.Alex .Hillary .Allyson .Olivia .Alayna .Phoebe said...

So I guess they liked the sample pictures you did for them huh :) Good luck with everything!