Friday, 20 July 2007

My life as it is right NOW!!


So, this is what I have been doing this week....taking pictures of Buildings, and random light fixtures! This picture is one of my favorite's! I kind of struggle with some of the boring, building's I have to take pictures of, but some of the stuff they do is amazing!! Seth told me not to think about things so"artsy"...but it's hard not too! I do have to say that some of the lighting they install is so cool. So this is quite an adventure for me....I am enjoying it, I'm not gonna lie...I just hope they are happy with what I am doing! Anyway, the kids are enjoying themselves either with my Mom, or with Natalie! (thanks y'all for the help!) It will only be crazy like this for a little while, then it will settle down to more like once a week, or so! Thanks for not posting hate mail to me...I will be back to blogging soon!! :)
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Richardson's Randoms said...

Way awesome photo. I loved the storm shots you got as well. I so wish you had taken Misty and Jake's reception shots. We are dopes of the first degree. Thank goodness you and Brent did the pics at the temple.

Love you girls.

P.S. Check out "Baby Bach" on our blog. That little nephew of yours is a hoot!

Chris * Natalie * Maya * Mason said...

dude, that is so cool! love the room, and you did an amazing job of shooting it. i can't wait to hear more!

Jan said...

You're awesome -- love it that you are getting to do what you want and having fun (and making $$). Yay for you!