Wednesday, 19 August 2009


is a 3rd grader! He was actually the most excited to start school. (which was a HUGE surprise to me.)

Jared's teacher this year is Mrs. Green and he was SUPER excited to have her. She is such a sweet person, we are both glad he got her. When we went in for open house, she had the room all decorated up in MU Tigers stuff. (the curtains, the bulletin, the chalkboard) So, Jared was thrilled with that. (he has been WAY obsessed with the Missouri Tigers for a few years now)

This year Jared was crazy about his shoes. (obviously this boy has grown up surrounded by sisters, cause he loves to get new shoes!!) The first pair he picked were these hideous Adidas shoes that looked like they had patent leather on the and red..ick I was able to convince him we had a few more stores to check out before we made any final decisions. Then he found these.....believe me, a lot better than the first pair, so I said yes! He got a Bakugon backpack, Mario Kart t-shirt, and various other clothes...

Jared came in the house and the first thing he said about his day was "Mom, I didn't get in trouble." I was like cool, you never get in trouble anyway, and he said "yeah, I just wanted to say that."

His favorite part of the day, was everything! (his words)
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Jhon said...

She is such a sweet person, we are both glad he got her.

Are you scared to be alone at home need security

Chris and Tara Mason said...

The Mario shirt - that is totally the fashion for boys this year (as I was told by Daniel - what?! - he's only 6)! Great shoes!