Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Mr. Jared turned 8 years old today! Wow, where has the time gone? I still remember being so excited to be pregnant. We were scared to death, because of our experience with Annie, but still very excited to give her a sibling.
He was by far my easiest child. He is mellow and quiet and very good at entertaining himself. I was always shocked to find him playing motorcycles for hours, and I mean HOURS completely content. He loves all things related to sports and being active. He would rather be outside playing,than watching television any day. He likes karate, football, basketball and skateboarding best, but would pretty much join in whatever sport was happening. He can be very silly when he wants to, and has been surprising me a lot lately with some of the things he's said. He is definitely picking up on my sarcastic sense of humor, which I don't really think is a good thing! :)
Anyway, I am very proud of Jared and the boy he is turning into. He loves his family so much and is an incredible big brother. He loves having a baby brother SO much. Yesterday he took Jason outside to play and taught him how to throw rocks at my house! (nice, I know!) But Jason thought he was in Heaven! Today we had a small party with 4 of his friends that live right down the road...
Levi gave him some football cards, Pokemon cards and some Star Wars cards. Noah gave him a punching bag and boxing gloves. Kyle gave him a light sabre. And Lane gave him a gun that shoots discs, and a pack of practical joke stuff. The boys played football, and basketball and ran around like crazy! They even had a race to the hay bales and climbed on top of them! Woohoo!
It has been a lovely day. I love Jared very much and I am looking forward to a million more years with him......watching him grow and change and eventually be a Man. (how weird will that be?!!? not too far off I am afraid. time has not really been my friend lately!)
I love you Jay-rod! I hope your birthday was a good one!

Jared will be getting baptized on Sunday the 30th in our ward building. You are all invited to come. I will post pictures of that afterwords.
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Hopkins said...

Crazy!!! When did you get so old and have so many kids?!?!

Stephanie said...

He'll be as big as Issac before we know it. Jared reminds me of that really shy smart Harvard quarterback on every football team.....the one that every Mom wants her daughter to date! Such a perfect son......or so it seems.

Amanda & AJ said...

So i'm pretty sure i will always remember him growling behind the couch and pretending to be spiderman! Can't believe how fast time goes!! He is such a good looking boy sarah!! Happy 8th Birthday Jared!