Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Jared 2008

name: Jared
teacher: Mrs.Cox
must haves: Skechers Z-straps skater shoes. tony hawk t-shirts. or skulls and rock band t-shirts. and karate.

Jared was all about the shopping this year too. it was actually really funny to me. he was so obsessed with the Z-straps I just figured I would give in. they aren't as bad as the ones I talked him out of last year. :) (skechers aerators, UGLY)
Anyway, he said his first day was great. He likes his teacher. Kyle is in his class and he likes that. Also, after school he had 4 friends over today! Yikes, for me....the best day ever for him! :o) (noah daul, lane horinek, kyle galbraith and levi smiley!)
I look forward to what he says about tomorrow...a full day!
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Natalie said...

What a stud...Jared is such a great kid! (and you should ban all after school buddies..or charge by the hour!!) no, I'm not kidding!!;)

Jan said...

Yay Jared! Sounds like life is going to be happy for him this year.

Amanda & AJ said...

I agree with Natalie. Jared is such a Stud muffin!! I love the pictures of their shoes! too cute.