Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Annie 2008

name: Annie Galbraith
teacher: depends on the day. now that she is in 5th grade she rotates classes. she has gold days and blue days.
must haves for this school year: DC Skate shoes. new hair cut. a trapper keeper. and locker accessories.

the shoes were the big deal again this year! why do clothes and shoes have to be so expensive?? we had a fun time shopping for everything though.
Annie loved her first day. it was only a half day, so her schedule was condensed. she is very happy because her and her bff Liz have almost the exact schedule, and they are locker partners. we predict a great year for Annie!
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Natalie said...

She is so beautiful! I'll bet she is so excited about all the new stuff and her new schedule (it is awesome that she gets to have Liz in so many classes!!) I am sure this middle school thing will be a breeze for her!

Jan said...

She is beautiful. Love it that she's so happy with her schedule and friends etc. -- life should be wonderful for the kids .

Amanda & AJ said...

I will never forget Annie coming home from her first day when i was there and right when she got off the bus there was dog poop.. I cant believe she is in middle school. i bet she is loving it.