Friday, 19 June 2009

Staying busy...

Jason and Ella are pretty inseparable lately. Jason loves to follow her and torment her. (when the timing is just perfect) It is actually quite funny how he does it. Right now the big thing around here is bubbles....So, I give Ella a bottle of bubbles and Jason screams
"bubb-oes" and chases them wherever they might go. Jason is getting really good at talking.....he says the kids names, and tries to repeat anything you ask him to! It gives us all a good laugh. We just love him to pieces around here.

Ella is a darling herself. She is big into "projects" and that includes anything she can color or paint or glue. She takes helping around the house very seriously as well. (on her terms, of course) She thinks she is a mermaid-princess, and who am I to disagree? Erin (my sis-in law, Caleb's wife) has been babysitting for us, and Ella has been in Heaven. Erin lets Ella cook with her, and do the dishes. The kids really enjoy her....and I am hoping that her calm nature will rub off on them. (we all know, I DON'T have that nature) Darn.

Our summer is shaping up to be another busy one. (who's isn't, right?) The older kids are in summer school till June 26th and then plan on a lot of days at the pool.
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Misty said...

Such cuties. All our kids need to quit the whole getting big business.

Jenny said...

Great pictures and I love those kids!!