Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Program 2008

The Hamilton Elementary had their Christmas Program on December 8th 2008. Jared and Katie both participated. This is a tradition we all look forward to, and was reminded how fast it goes by (Annie is now TOO old.....stinkin' 5th grader!!) So we loaded up and went as a family to enjoy hearing the kids sing a few Christmas songs to start the Holiday Season!

*thanks alan for the pictures.
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The Bundys said...

Have I ever mentioned how cute your kids are. Ok and your little Ella, is she grouchy in every picture? I laugh every time.

Go Hamilton Hornets...Im not going to lie...I was kinda excited for my boys to go to such a small town school. Who knows, maybe we'll be back for a 5th time an a year or so...(yeah right!)

Phogles said...

I miss the Hamilton schools Christmas programs! We used to go every year. Even after all my brothers and sisters aged out, I still had nieces and nephews. But now we live too far away for most of it, danggit. Thanks for sharing. :D

Jen M said...

I bet this was fun. Do your kids like to belt it out?