Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Christmas Program

Last night was our Elementary Christmas program. Katelyn had a duet, and was so excited! She was so cute about it....I was afraid she would get nervous once she saw all the people there. Katie got out there and sang her little heart out! I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO bummed out because I didn't bring the video camera. *darn it* Why do I even have one of those things!!? Anyway, all the kids did such a good job. Here are a few pictures.


Alex~Hillary~Allyson~Olivia~Alayna~Phoebe said...

How fun for Katie and I know how you feel about the video camera we got one when Ally was a baby and have rarely used it... Alex uses it more than not and loves to have us all sit down and rewatch his vacations :) fun times... yeah :)

Jenny Doan said...

She was amazing and totally made the pianist follow her! Great job Katie!