Monday, 3 September 2007

Camping, camping, camping!!

We all (as in..My Mom and Dad, and the Earnheart's) decided to go camping this weekend for Sam's birthday! (my nephew, Natalie's oldest..he is 11!!)
Anyway, earlier in the morning Natalie and I went to find a perfect spot. We had quite an adventure. It including getting majorly car sick, Ella barfed in her car, walking into an enormous spider web to get into the bathrooms, and A LOT of "that's what he/she said" jokes!:)
Anyway, we found two perfect sites right by each other, and came back Friday evening!! It was WONDERFUL!! The weather was perfect. The kids played and played. Grama brought them all a swimming noodle....they used them for "ninja" fighting! We even played a rousing game of red rover, and duck duck goose!! We even got a few extra kids from another camp site to play! We made S'mores as it got dark... And surprisingly the kids all slept pretty good!
In the morning Seth cooked bacon and fried potatoes over the fire, and Natalie made eggs and sausage! It was an awesome camping breakfast. Then we cleaned everything up and went swimming! It was a really fun weekend! Yay, for camping, and Yay for fun Family adventures!!
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100 Percent Cottam said...

ooh, that sound like so much fun. especially the food!!! mmmmmm.

Jenny Doan said...

What wonderful memories we can make! I love our family!

Jan said...

Sounds like a great time together. There is nothing better than family time (except maybe family time with yummy food!).