Sunday, 30 September 2007

GUESS WHAT!??!?!?!


I just got the call I have been waiting for!!! Our baby is on his way!!! We will leave tomorrow!! YEA! I am SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait! When I get the call about how big he is and all that stuff I will let you all know!!
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My Sister-in-law Cindy...



Cindy asked me to do a few belly shots of her before she has her next baby....these two I like the best...What do you think??
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The Galbraith family reunion


Here is my favorite picture from the Galbraith family reunion we had this weekend. (minus, ME,Jarom and Rosie fam, and Ryan Eivins) Anyway, we had a wonderful time. I will post more pictures later....Aren't we quite the spactacle? Now that's a LOT of people!
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Friday, 28 September 2007

He's a Rebel...

This morning, I am trying to get three kids ready for school, make lunches, and breakfast,so I tell Jared to go do his hair. After over 15 mins. in the bathroom, I go looking for him. I walk into the bathroom and he is standing in front of the mirror admiring his new 'do. This Mama can't break his,I put some extra tough gel on that bad-boy (Mohawk) and sent him off to school. I guess this means as much as I try to make my sweet boy a 'prep', he's really gonna be who he wants to be....And, hair doesn't make the person, the person makes the hair! (with the help of his Mom, of course!) Have a good day! Still no baby!! Don't worry, I'll keep ya posted!
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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Moon and other random thoughts...


So first of all I want to apologize for being a huge blogging loser the last few weeks. Basically, I am not doing anything too interesting and I don't want to bore anyone with my baby-waiting whining! We are all so anxious for our new baby but really all we can do is wait! Much like being pregnant, and begging your body to do it's 'thing'. Obviously He will come when he's ready, which we all know is best.....BUT in the mean time I have cleaned everything, set the baby crib up, and now I have resorted to sitting around waiting for the phone to ring!!:) I know. I am a loser....a serious one.
So tonight I decide I need some major inspiration. I need to do something challenging, and maybe get my artistic blood to flow...since I am in 'stale' mode....So I am posting the picture I got of our amazing moon tonight. Not that great, but I am pretty much too lazy to try much more. Plus, it is really hard to continue being 'artsy' when your husband is saying "hurry up honey, I wanna watch 24." So I am off to watch 24 with my Man.
Oh, by the way....Jared is fine. Just a reaction to something. Thanks for the advice and concern (Kim) I really appreciated it!
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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

What a cute Boy!


I just wanted to say I have a stinking cute nephew! This is little (I mean huge) Gideon! He is just so jolly, and I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks! Love you little Guy!
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*Okay, I am freaking out.. just a little!*



So, this is Jared's leg. Seriously, my Boy's leg....I have been looking up bug/spider bites on the Internet all evening....and this looks VERY similar to a brown recluse bite. The only reason I am not rushing him to the doctor is that it isn't HOT, isn't itching him, and he says it doesn't hurt. But I am still totally freaking....Don't worry though, if it changes or looks worse, he will be to the doctor first thing. Ugh, am I a bad Mom for not taking him anyway??? If you have seen anything like this TELL me... I'll keep you posted.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A great day!


Today has been a very typical, clean the house-do the laundry day! Ella has been my helper all day! -Not the annoying get away from me kind, either. She is actually in a cute helpful stage, and I am loving it!!
SO, for lunch she wants mac and cheese...we don't have any easy kind so I make her the homemade kind. I am so not sure she will eat it, so I give her a plate, she takes a bite, and raises her hands above her head and claps!!! I am NOT kidding!??!?! Who got a clap over lunch today??? I feel like the luckiest Mom EVER!! So ya, I just want you all to know I am looking for a standing ovation at dinner. ...I'll let you know!:)
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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Earnheart Family!


I did a photo shoot with the Earnhearts today! They rocked the camera!! All five of them were SO good!! I got awesome pictures of each one individually, and a few good group shots. Here is one of my faves of all of them together! Don't you just love Isaac's great smile? And the wind blown hair? Thanks for being my guinea pigs, guys!! You will have to check Natalie's (my sister) Blog to see if she posts any more!
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My sweet Girls!




Yesterday Annie and Katie came home from school and wanted me to take some pictures of them!! That NEVER happens here!! I usually have to bribe my kids for a picture, especially Annie! So, I was not about to say no....and these were my favorite! The picture of Annie is just SO her! She is a serious girl, and this picture shows that, I think. Katelyn is usually a ball of giggles...I just love this one of her. Ella...she is always being goofy, and I think I captured that pretty well too!! I hope you enjoy these. I am off to do school portraits of Natalie's kids this afternoon! Yea! I hope to try a few new things out on them as well...I'll post a few of my fav's from that later!
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Friday, 7 September 2007

Bring on the music....

So who doesn't LOVE music!?!?!? Natalie Cottam's friend has a great idea....Make a mix cd of your 15 favorite songs, burn a copy for all involved, and swap! Sounds like a ton of fun, eh!? If you want to participate check out for all the "extra" details and the link to her friend to get on the list!!

Check this Chick out...




Ella decided it would be a good idea to give herself a make-over while Mom was busy blogging!!
She went ALL out, too! Mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish! *sigh* All I can do is smile, take a picture and go on!! Isn't it great to be three!?!??!
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Whats in 'YER wallet???

I was reading Natalie's blog, and totally cracked up about what she had in her purse! She challenged us to show her our stuff, so here goes!!!
My purse is small, but it is so full of junk! It has been bugging me so Natalie gave me a good excuse....
I've got 2 Famous Dave's barbecue wipes (what the??), receipts out the WA-zoo, lip gloss, cell phone, 3 hair ties, band aids,2 kids flossers(for those know.), tithing slips,scissors,stamps,business cards,2 checkbooks,toothpaste,pass along cards,tums....Really, just a lot of unnecessary things!! Thanks Nat for inspiring me to clean out the old purse. I think I need a new one for fall, come to think of it....LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!
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Wednesday, 5 September 2007


So we had strawberry shortcake for Ella last night. She was VERY excited. She LOVES strawberries... Jared was trying to teach her to hold three fingers was quite comical. She finally got it! Yay, Ella! Oh, and yes...that is mac and cheese on her face. That's just how we rollin' over here!:)


Tuesday was Annie and Katie's first dance class. They are both really excited about it. They are taking two classes back to back, so they will be there almost two hours. Ella of course had to dress up, and pretend she was going to! I would have her in a class if they had one for her age on the same day....but I am not going to drive to Gallatin 3 times a week!:)
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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Jared gets his turn...





After the "tuning" up, Jared got his turn to ride. Jared fit a lot better on it, I think! Seth had to give him a quick refresher and he was off!! Jared LOVES riding and had a blast! Dad's really are the best...
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